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Flat Pack Assembly Service Gold Coast


We assemble almost everything you can think of, from the largest of outdoor setting to even the smallest of Bar-B-Que's! We will also set up your new Television and DVD Player! Below is a small list of what we assemble:

  • Bar-B-Que's
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Mowers
  • Line Trimmers
  • TV & DVD Set-ups
  • TV Tuning
  • Computer Set-up
  • Flat Packs of all shapes and sizes

Flat PackWe will even dispose of the unwanted packaging, such as boxes and foam for you at a small charge! Even if you no longer need an item you replaced, such as a TV, we'll take care of it for you!

With affordable prices, you will remember our quality service and be recommending our service to your friends!


Price can sometimes be a determining factor is paying someone to Assemble something for you. As each item can be so different it can be hard for us to give an exact price without examining each product that you have. So please refer to the below table as a guide:Flat Pack Assembly Service Gold Coast

Prices from...

  • 4 Burner BBQ
  • 6 Burner BBQ
  • 7 Piece Outdoor Setting
  • 7 Piece Dining Table
  • Chest of Drawers (Tall Boy)
  • TV Cabinet
  • Bed-side table
  • Single Bed
  • Trampoline
  • Petrol Mower
  • Line Trimmer
  • TV & DVD Set-up
  • Digital TV Tuning
  • Computer Set-up


Most times we will need to give you a price depending on what the item is, please use the above prices as a guide.

We'll even give you a FREE Quote on your requirements and our work is fully Guaranteed!