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Flat Pack Assembly Service Gold Coast


Compliment your Service With our Service

People these days lead busy lives and many barely have time for themselves. If your business sells products that need Assembly, we can help your customers with all their needs. Sometimes you may provide a service already, but making those arrangements can be hard. Let us take the hard work away from you and serve your customers in an exceptional manner.

Why Don't People Assemble Themselves?

  • Too Busy
  • No Experience
  • Just Don't Want Too

We can make your Assembly process easier for you and also help your customers that don't want to Assemble Products themselves. We pride ourselves in our professional workmanship and superior customer service. We are fully insured should something happen, so you can rest assured that your customers are in good hands. We even Guarantee our work - If there is a problem we will return FREE!

Additionally we hold current White Cards for working within the Construction Industry and Government Blue Cards for working around children. Even more re-assurance for you and your customers.

How does it work?

This entirely depends on what suits you and your customers. We have systems in place to make the process as painless and seamless as possible. To use our service, you can simply recommend our service by passing on our contact details or you can even provide us with the details and we will contact the customer for you. We can quote on One-Off jobs as individual as your business and customers or even calculate set prices for all the products that you provide... The decision is yours!

Why Outsource Your Assembly?

This is a question we hear a lot. To put it simply, let us take the effort and hard work away from you.

  • No worry about hiring the right people
  • No need to worry about managing these people
  • No need to worry about managing jobs
  • No overheads for you
  • Use us for one job or 20
  • Finding it hard to justify an entire wage - especially during slow times
  • During busy times, the effort of arranging and completing jobs is left to us

Are we big enough?

To us, all jobs are just as important, whether they be big or small! From complete Office Fit-Outs and Entire Home Packages, we are just as happy to Assemble ONE product for your customer!

Why not let us take this opportunity to do what we are great at.... Assembling Flat Packs! This way you can concentrate on what you do best, serving the customers.

Why Wait?

Call us now to discuss how we can help you, your business and most importantly, your customers!